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Stitch #7035

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Name: Stitch
Breed: Retriever Mix
Age: 4 Years
Sex: Male, neutered (35 lbs.)
I have learned so many new things: sit, stay, down, place, etc....  

One of Safe Haven Animal Rescue's wonderful volunteers heard about Stitches story while she was at the vet with her own dog and knew this poor dog needed help. Stitch lived a life of being outdoors and on a chain.  No dog should have to live their life that way, but Stitches story gets much worse.  He was brutally attacked by two dogs and was defenseless against the attack because he was on a chain and could not get away.  His owner brought him to the vet, but never came back for him.  The very kind staff literally stitched him back together.  As you can imagine someone that would chain a dog outside 24/7 would not provide monthly heartworm preventative.  Yep, this poor guy was heartworm positive too.  He has been treated and is heartworm free. 

As you can see from his pictures, he is all healed and is a happy boy and is learning his house manner and learning how to be an inside dog.Stitch gets along great with other dogs but does not like cats

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