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Edna #1207
Name: Edna
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: Approx DOB May 2004
Sex: Female, Spayed
Weight: 22 lbs.

Ceila and Edna were surrendered to the shelter by a backyard breeder along with 17 other cocker spaniels. Their younger companions were quickly adopted or transferred to rescue, while these two girls lingered at the shelter for 2 weeks until we decided to take them in knowing that we would possibly face costly medical issues, as well as an extended foster period since it is always more difficult to rehome senior dogs. In our opinion it doesn't really matter though how old a dog is since they all deserve a chance to know what it's like to be properly cared for and loved no matter if they have a few months or a few years left to live. It is truly amazing how quickly these girls have blossomed into these incredibly sweet, loving and well-behaved dogs given the fact that they solely existed to drop one litter of puppies after another for the better part of their lives. When we picked them up from the shelter they were filthy, had ear infections, severe periodontal disease and Celia also had mammary tumors. They have since had dental cleanings, tooth extractions and Celia had her mammary tumors removed. Celia is completely blind and Edna's vision is limited, but they get around just fine they even learned how to use a doggy door within minutes. They do not need to be crated when left alone, are housebroken, get along great with other dogs and just want to be with people. They are really starting to enjoy their walks and are getting much less anxious about riding in the car. These two girls are truly delightful and quite funny to watch when they have their playful moments. We would love for them to stay together since they are quite attached to each other, but we will consider adopting them out separately to the right home. If you have a big heart and are considering providing a retirement home for these girls we promise that they will repay you many times over with the joy they will add to your life.

For additional information please e-mail their foster family.

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