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More Happy Tails

Belle & Bear



Since forming SafeHaven Animal Rescue in March 2004
we have placed over 450 animals in permanent homes.
Below are stories from some of our happy adopters.

Domino, now Max, has been the most wonderful blessing. He's lovable and
loving, smart and playful. He's training to be a service dog - we're
thrilled that his incredibly sweet personality will lift the hearts of others as it
has ours.

Thank you Safe Haven!

    This picture is typical end of the day Boomer which was taken at the end of the day following our annual 4th of July party.  He had lots of kids to play with, plenty of scraps and as you can see…. He was worn out! 

Oscar, now Niko, has come to our home unplanned. When we saw his little face with the round dark eyes, full of curiosity and energy, we fell for him. Initially we had concerns how our 2-yo dog, Kimo would adjust to having another dog in the family. But the concern was washed away after the first night Niko came to our home. Kimo went to see Niko every time Niko cried in the crate. We let Kimo spend the night in the same crate with Niko to comfort him. They had been sleeping and keeping each other companied ever since. Now they're the best of friends. We're so happy with Niko -- he's a very good puppy, smart and sweet. We know that we're going to enjoy Niko for years to come.


Here is our 2 boys. Tyler is 11 1/2 and we've had Willie since Jan 2005. He is a great dog and we just love him! He LOVES playing frisbee and we have to do it every day with him! We're hoping to make it to the adoption day next Sunday to see everyone and bring Willie!




Cheyenne and Matilda have been such wonderful additions to our family.  Their unique and interesting personalities have brought many happy times and we continue to wonder what these girls will do to entertain us.  Cheyenne (Old Hat Lady, as I call her) is so eccentric and quirky and Matilda is (Spry, Rebellious Teen) just a gem.  They have forever changed our lives and we couldn't live with out them.  Thank you, Safe Haven, for bringing them into our lives.

Bear (white) and Belle (blue heeler our best friends, closer than any 2 animals we've ever been around.  Where one goes, the other follows.  They can't even go to the bathroom outside if the other one is inside.  They'll just wait by the door until the other comes out!  They get along so well and play together all the time.  They're so alike but at the same time they have their own personality traits as well.  Belle is a little more stubborn and independent than Bear.  They make our lives complete and they're truly a part of the family. Nicki and Wade


Hi Cindy- Here are a couple of recent pictures of our little girl Heidi.  She has grown a little bit and gotten a lot scruffier.  Don't think she's a German Wirehaired Pointer though!  We call her a pure bred American Scruffy Mutt.  She is the light of our lives and since Tommy works from home he spends a lot of time with her and she is just his little buddy and goes everywhere with him.  She is obsessed with tennis balls and squeaky toys and just loves to be around us at all times.  We couldn't have asked for a more adorable, loving, and all around perfect dog for us.  Thank you! Sarah and Tommy Caperton


We are celebrating our first full week with Lanie and she is doing great! We
have fun feeding the animals together and she likes the 4 wheeler, don't
worry, we don't go fast. She is the perfect dog for our family. I just had
to thank you again for saving her life.

Dianne & Larry

She loves to swim so I started taking her to Cypress Bend where there is a large field. She has a friend there named Lad a very large retriever that she makes chase her. Liking  the water she takes a running leap into the river, makes a big splash and when she comes out she runs as fast as lightning in circles. We spend an hour there every day. Sasha loves to ride and has pretty much made it clear she is to go with us everywhere even if it is just to sit in the car. She has gained to 51 pounds and Velma has taken second place as boss of me. Perry & Velma

    Aida, now Maya, is the best little puppy in the world. As you can see, she and her new big sister Maggie get along great. We adopted Maggie as a 2 yr old, and she was already housetrained, so we weren't sure if we would be able to handle "puppyhood" but we are loving it! She took to her crate right away, and it only took her a couple of days to sleep through the night. She loves to cuddle and get her belly rubbed, and most of all she loves to play with her big sister. We all went to the lake the other day with friends (a total of 5 dogs) and she acted like one of the big dogs. She is fearless and adorable! Thanks for fostering--you make all the difference in the world :)

    Lola is the best puppy.  It's like we've always had her.  She loves cuddling up to us and has never met a stranger she didn't like.  She enjoys playing catch in the back yard and likes to chase the cat around.  Her eyes are so expressive; it looks as though she's in deep thought sometimes.  Thank God we found her, and thank you, Cindy, for rescuing her and her siblings. Thanks!!


Here are some pics of Daisi with us at the lake.  She loves going on boat rides!!  She hasn't gone swimming yet because it's been too cold.  Not sure if she likes the water or not, but she doesn't mind wearing the new life jacket that we got her! She also has made friends with our neighbor's year old lab...  they have gotten together a couple of times and played until they can't stand anymore.  She is a very good dog!!

Steve & Heather



Just wanted to let you know that Madison is the most wonderful dog. She and Lizzy are having a great time. Madison met her cousins today (my daughter's two labs) Everything is working out great. All in all we sure made the right decision - you will never get her back!!!!!!!!  Thank you for our sweetie.



I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to let you know that things are going very well with Shayna. She is part of the family, and her and Ranger have become great friends - Mike


Morgan is doing great. She is getting accustomed to her surroundings and is getting playful and spunky.  We take her for a walk every night around the neighborhood at least twice and on the weekends she gets a morning and evening walk. She follows one of us everywhere we go in the house and gives many kisses now.  We really get a kick out of watching her play with her toys by herself. She just had a bath this morning, and was very good about it, although I don't think she will go back in the bathroom for a little while.  We love her and are very happy with her.  She likes to go for rides and we have had her down at the hike and bike trail as well.  Gary & Sandy



    Daphne is now Layla and she has stolen our hearts. She is such a sweet dog and we can not imagine life without her now. Teddy, our persian, and Layla take turns chasing each other and even sleep together with us. Thanks for letting this dog into our lives
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