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Our Happy Tails


Thelma & Louise

Delta & Dixie



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Since forming SafeHaven Animal Rescue in March 2004
we have placed over 450 animals in permanent homes.
Below are stories from some of our happy adopters.

We love Mona so much. I really don't know what we would do without her. She does great in the house by herself and she stopped digging in the back yard. She has become our perfect little angel.

Debbie & Alex Sarabia

    Colton is now Dalton and he is loving living in Lufkin. He loves to romp in the woods and gets lots of attention from the nearby retirement area. Colton is very smart and is learning new things each day. He loves his new best friend Trey. We will keep you posted on how he is doing. Thanks

Charlie, Trey and Dalton

    The girls are starting to get used to their new home. Thelma has come out to be petted and this morning all three were sitting around Janice on the floor. Stoney still has to let everyone know she's in charge but she'll get over it.

Thanks again for bringing the girls to us.




The girls are starting to get used to their new home. Thelma has come out to be petted and this morning all three were sitting around Janice on the floor.



Jennifer and I thought you might want to see some pictures of Ziggy . Shiner and her are getting along very well. She is just about potty trained. An accident here or there, but nothing major. She sleeps through the night now. She always seems like she is smiling and having fun. She will crawl all over Shiner when they are laying on the ground. It's a fun site to see.

Paul and Jennifer Mise


We went and got Cosmo a gate so we could keep him in the kitchen during the day instead of the crate. So we left him and he was fine and we came back in a couple of minutes later and he was out running around, gate still there. So we put him back in and watched him to see how he got out. He jumped up on the gate, CLIMBED the gate and jumped down! So, back in the crate he goes until we find another gate.

He is doing GREAT! Jessica Cahak



The girls are doing great! They aren't crying at all. I am glad they have each other. We are having so much fun. They eat, play, poop, sleep - in that order. We have already started a routine. When they get tired, they just go crash in their kennel. Thank you so much for taking such good care of them and getting them off to a good start.

Pam & Candiss


    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Aster is doing great. She has many cute little traits that we adore about her. We found out that she likes sitting on top of the couch and loves watching lizards. She gets along very well with the other cats. I forgot have much fun it is to have a kitten in the family again


We are having such a great time with Spanky...he's such

a sweet guy. Potty training is coming along-he tries really hard & we've gotten very good at timing and watching for his signs. He loves his bed, so at night while we're watching TV in the den and playing with him, he likes to drag all his toys into his bed & play until he falls asleep. I gave him his first bath here at the house-he didn't like it very much but we managed:)



    Paul and I really love our Maggie Mae, aka Pearl .  She is very sweet.  She stays in the house most of the time but absolutely loves to go outside and run in our big yard.  She wants to play fetch 24 hours a day. She gets along well with our cat and likes to play with our neighbor's dog.  She loves to sit in my lap, her whole 37 lbs, and chew on her rawhide bone. Our quiet home has now come to life since she arrived.  Thank you so much for this great dog. Kathy

    Spunky is now Astro. He and Cooper are getting along great. They play, sleep, and eat together. Astro has been learning how to sit, shake, and walking on the leash. He had his first vet first (to our vet) Monday and was very brave for his booster. We are so glad he came to our home.

Melissa & Troy

    Just wanted to let you know Odie and has the heart of every neighbor on our street.  He is such a sweet little cuddle bug.  Everyone who meets Odie just loves the little guy. 

Thank you once again for giving us Odie -- we are so lucky to have the little guy with us!


    Cayenne's is happy go lucky, still acts like a puppy, where he likes to chew on things, so I have to make sure he has a toy at all times. He knows how to shake, sit, speak, and lay down. We go 3 times a week for a small run around the block, I wish I would have taken pepper as well at the time, but man is Cayenne a chore, and I would have been going crazy with 2 this small. 

Nick Mendez
    This Harley aka Baxter as you can see Harley is in a loving home with a big brother and a good mommy and daddy. He is very well loved and plays alot, we are so happy we could rescue him and save him. We thak you very much for this great addition to are family, He fits in good as you can see

Thank You Raymond, Debra, Hunter and Harley


Just wanted to let you know that Katie has settled in just fine over the weekend - She's a big sweetheart, and all four of us absolutely adore her. We call her Katie Bear because she looks so much like a little grizzly wandering about. She's gotten lots of attention and she truly is a perfect dog, as you said. I'm sure you miss her, but please know that we are taking good care of her and that we love her dearly. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!



    She is not afraid of any dog or person. She still loves to give 100 kisses at a time and she cuddles when she starts to get tired.  We bought her a baby pool and put it out on the patio and she loves it.  She will play and run around the pool and then she will get out of it and run around like a crazy dog.  She loves to dig in the water and she could do it for hours at a time. Morgan has so much personality and we love her for it. 

Amy & Garret


Scuzzy is now Mowgli and we're crazy about him. He's a very funny, sweet, happy boy. He loves his toys and his 2 human and 2 cannine housemates . He's the most handsome cat we've ever had. His favorite place to hang out is upstairs where he has his cat tree, 5 windowsills to watch backyard activity, too many toys to count, and of course, his (our) king-sized bed. He's quite the snuggler and adores his daily kisses on the head. He loves to play in water and sometimes hangs out between the shower curtain and the liner while one of us is showering. He's a nut. We feel blessed to have such a great new addition to the family. Keep up the great work! Tracy, Mark, Mowgli, Lucky, and Lightning Erickson

    Angel is great.  We are doing well.  She has really become a great addition to the family. She is really a loyal companion.  Both my girls are in love with her as well. My mom is the funniest......she has never been a pet person, but just goes on and on about Angel, like she is her grandchild

Kirk and family
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